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The market is currently characterised by globalisation phenomena, setting an increasingly complex challenge for individual businesses. We see the emergence of important opportunities for action in new areas where demand is on the increase or production costs are able to offer new prospects for competitiveness.

Internet Plattform for Autorepair Service Points

Info, News, Technique for repair service point with strong focus around Body & Paint activities and insurance claims processing for damage liquidation.


ASAnetwork -The standard interface for the automotive trade (Car Dealer - Workshop - Dms provider - Workshop's Equipment & Tools).

The extensive integration of affordable PC technology into workshop equipment such as engine testers, wheel aligners, exhaust gas analysers, test lanes etc. is finally implementing the “old” idea of interconnecting workshop equipment, dealer management software (DMS), automobile manufacturers or independent automotive workshops. asanetwork creates the technical prerequisites to make measurement and test equipment of different manufacturers compatible with commercial software applications (DMS) or to link them up with future e-commerce systems. Interface Standard. Planus Group is the exclusive distributor for the Italian market. For more information please contact us or consults

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