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Business Development

The market is currently characterised by globalisation phenomena, setting an increasingly complex challenge for individual businesses. We see the emergence of important opportunities for action in new areas where demand is on the increase or production costs are able to offer new prospects for competitiveness.

The aim is to analyse and explore all opportunities for business development with a view to optimising value created by the product - services portfolio.

Careful, precise collection of market information, and its subsequent processing, can form a solid base for the business decision-making process and for determining possible, subsequent stages in business development.

Project Management

Project Management is the combination of processes, methodologies, knowledge and instruments that are used to organise, monitor and control all aspects of a project (times, costs and quality).

Environmental complexity, scarce resources, high competition among alternative investments, substantial numbers of active initiatives, accelerated time schedules, the need to contain risk and to achieve greater and greater efficiency are just some of the pressures that drive a business to attain greater capacity for effective and efficient control of its projects, but this capacity is often reduced by a range of different threats:

• Financial (budget, imperfect forecasting & control, lack of internal re-debiting, ineffective resource tracking and cost allocation)

• Processes (lack of methodologies, consistent processes and best practice for: start-up, control, status reporting, risk evaluation, issue control, project closure)

• Governance (difficulties with effective/efficient process management and with components of internal/external project audits)

• Compliance (violation, whether intentional or not, of laws, regulations, accounting principals etc)


One factor contributing to the success of a business innovation process is adequate training of human resources.

At Planus Group we strongly believe that Human Resources are the engine driving the business success and that it is only through personal growth that individuals will be able to develop and produce new ideas and successful models.

We offer training that falls within the "enabling" concept, that is, with a precise mission and goals aimed at transferring skills and tools to people so that they will be able to grow and achieve.

PVM® Service: Product Vs. Market

Collaboration and/or direct management for marketing products/services:

• Product Management

• Marketing

• Sales

Image communication & business development support

Communication and business development activities are aimed at supporting the client in the development of an effective business activity, in improving and spreading the business image on the market, to aid the achievement of set business goals.

• Public relations

• Branding

• Press Office

• Personal Image Promotion

• Product consolidation